Saturday, April 18, 2009

sports day


16th april.
a day of no classes.
a day of no casual attire.
a day of no...whatever.

well, that was the day ipgm kampus bahasa antarabangsa was helding it's sports day. funny? believe it. says who we won't be having any of these kind of days when we leave high schools? it's because, us, will become teachers. and i thinks maybe it's a part of the day we will organised when we'll be posted to any schools soon.

back to the story, it was our 7th sports day. i was in the green house, the leading house from the beginning.. hehe.. this year, for a record, green house finally managed to become the champion after two years becoming the second place. and gladly, i was one of the athletes who adds up a gold medal.. wuuhoo.. i won for the long jump competition. thanks to mira pispm who allowed me to participate it ( she's our kagom athlete for long jump). the best part, i beat all the seniors ( including our 'beloved senior from that cohort'. i hate to say this, but the way she said to me before the competition starts was soo, well, full of arrogance. duuh, as if i'd never jump before~

well, during that sports day, i was supposed to participate in 4x100. but, thanks again to mira, for volunteering herself to replace me. i was kind of tied with the taekwondo performance, which i think, i won't be able to run 100m after that. so she replaced me, and finally adds up another gold medal for our house.. go hijau go!

bukti kemenanganku

regarding to the taekwondo performance, i was finally, fortunately, and other adjectives you thinks are suitable, at last, i got the chance to break a plank. my history: i didn't break any plank ever since i got my 1st dan. due to out of stocks. huhu.. i did a backthrust kick and break the plank into two parts.. yeay for me.. huhu.. and thanks to aliaa to record our performance, although you didn't manage to record the silat team, due to some disturbance.. hehe

is this the cause of winning?

the end of the day, our house won as the champion, as well as for the most decorative tent ( very hijau indeed~) the best, we got friday as 'cuti peristiwa'.. yeay..


newr0ll said...


semangat taekwando!!



QilaRaft said...

i'm going 4 2nd dan this may..
wish me luck.. huhu