Saturday, April 18, 2009

the whole busy week ( english week ipba)


next was the english week..
our batch, cohort 2 cycle 3 was assigned to handle the concert as well as the closing ceremony for the english week held in ipba..

for the concert itself, we held quite some activities which i think was fun, eventhough we were like dying to handle and manage the things. lots of conflicts happened, too.

i was assigned as the contestant manager, in which, i have to get the namelist of the winners and reminds them to prepare as they'll perform once again during the closing ceremony. only for story telling, and public speaking winners.

the concert, was filled with a choral speaking performance from sk la salle, sumwhere in klang or pj, i supposed, which i think they were so damn cute plus they're fluency in english made me so envy..

our cohort also perform some sort of 'zapin ballroom'. the actual idea was to have a formal dance. however it ended up just like dancing zapin with the background song of 'sway' by micheal bubbley( mind my spelling).

my part? sing-along some oldies songs : mamma mia, words ( bee gees) and top of the world ( carpenters). to my surprize, i actually love and been exposed to these songs earlier in my life.. huhu..

the not-so-best part of handling this event, some of us had been scolded by the lecturers, and even critised by the non-wanted critics from the seniors. bising je lebih diorang nih.. haish..

well, i guessed that's all from what i could remember about it. well, what can i say, it's been quite some time we organised this event.. so, sorry if there's any salah information.. daa

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