Sunday, April 26, 2009

itu jodoh namanya...


yesterday i went to the bookfair at pwtc with ruhan and ila. before that, went to smk taman sea for the usual instructor practice. was quite scared to hear that there are few of them who failed the recent grading.. what about me this 3rd may?.. hrm.. seram2..

emkay and aliaa have gone somewhere else to get stuffs for aliaa's handycam. we'd met up at the the fair. it was so crowded. there's lots of book stalls, and of course, the books too.. wasn't my intention to buy any, so i just walked and walked through the stalls, berhimpit2 dengan orang lain and also tengok2 la jugak buku2 kat situ. none of them caught my interest. what can i say, i'm not really into books, except for comics and graphic novels( still considered as comics ryte?). i'd also found a gempakstarz's stall. but, there's soooo many people i coundn't get the chance to have a glimpse at the comics at all. wanted to see whether they have the final series of fatal chaos, but seems i couldn't bolos myself.. waaa... i want that one... it's been quite a long time i'm searching for the last series of that.. just another one to complete all the series.. haish..

the best part of having so many people, i managed to accidentally meet with my 2 teachers from mrsm.. oh my, such a small world.. i met cikgu amal and cikgu rahayu... both are garang teachers, but yet sangat sempoi.. huhu.. i text cikgu mardziah and few minutes later, she called. seemed that she's very jealous coz' i met other teachers but not her... huhu.. what can i say, jodoh lom sampai lagi nak jumpe cikgu.. huhu.. she actually asked me to accompany her to the bookfair last saturday but since i was in my hometown at the time, it is almost impossible and i would say my dad won't send me to go there by myself.

after done jalan2 berhimpit2, watched a magic show. it was held as to promote their books on magic tricks. huhu.. quite bored coz' i think the magic they showed were quite typical and i've seen it quite some time.

then we went to ktm putra to go sogo. i know there's lrt from pwtc straight to kl sentral but dunno where.. never thought there's ktm as well.. from putra, we stopped at kl sentral to change to lrt to go masjid jamek.. prayed zohor then felt quite hungry. so we decided to have lunch at secret recipe. i at spaghetti meatballs. the chicken meatballs were very nice indeed. after that, went to cucuk duit, but seemed that asar is just around the corner, ila and me decided to pray first.

inside the lrt to masjid jamek, another coincidence happened. met anothere friend of mine.. za from my plkn camp.. we were in the same dorm for three months. she was with her twin. they're going to their aunt's at ampang.. hoho..

once reached lrt station bandaraya, went directly to the women's department..
mission: find casual attire since i've lots of t-shirts and jeans .
went tawaf that place with que ( somehow like my personal consultant) since i dun really know what to choose. found a few that caught my view, but, frankly speaking, all my choices are quite branded. seemed that i really am have high taste and quite choosy too. got my self a 70% (thank god there's discount) polo kemeja and a blouse..

in the end, reached home at 8 and rushed to pray and get ready for choral speaking's usual practice...

huish... banyak penat ooo

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