Saturday, April 4, 2009

the whole busy week ( part taekwondo intec)

salam.. this is actually kind of a recap during the english week few weeeeks ago.

i think, i've just passed by a week full of many things. the most busiest week in ipba, i guess. anyway lets just start with the taekwondo tournament first. still in the same week, ayte?

saturday, 28th march 2009

at around 10, gathered at surau and went to intec, with the help of our ipba's driver, pakcik khalid. at this time, the rest of my batch were having an "exciting" and "enjoyable" talk at ipbmm regarding to women's sport day.. something to do with that laa.. lucky me to get escaped from joining them there.. huhu..

just because our driver didn't know exactly where intec is located, so we waited for rabbit from ipbmm to lead the way since she's an original citizen of shah alam, unlike me.. haha..
therefore we reached intec by 11 sharp..

the first person i saw there, was the same face i see every time during my holidays at my hometown. ana, the person i met during ISK at Kuang, the person i met again at MPH, Midvalley and plus, we've known each other since, standard one.. long "time" no see eit, ana? huhu..
she's a part of the organiser for the tournament, so it's kind a lucky for me to know orang dalam..
after settled all the registration for all the participants, i, as the team manager of our team, had to wait for a brief breifing regarding tomorrow's event. the unfortunate thing was the meeting only be held at 3 pm. the're lots more time to spend. so we decided to find some stuff for tomorrow's.

me, falihin, aiman and that brat, syafik ( he's annoying) went to kompleks PKNS shah alam with the help of falihin's friend( who is actually kak ayu's friend as well). meanwhile, kak ayu and rabbit went there by bus.

first pit stop: kfc.. we were quiet starving so we decided to full our tummy first. had snack plate but due to the chicken which was not ready yet, i only got the side dish. the coleslow and the kentang putar only. after a while then the main dish came. sat along with aiman, kak ayu and rabbit. falihin, on diet so he went to jalan2 with his firend. syafik, don't ever want to know what's he up to.

then, we went to the phamacy to get the set of first aid kit and a pain relieving spray.. cost me rm 60+ since the club's fees was not enough. went back to intec and listen to the briefing. reached ipba at around 5 and i met aliaa, munirah and ruhan, escaping from the 5 km cross country( is it the accurate word for merentas desa?)

at night, had to neglect the earth hour by having the last practise for the tournament.

hari kejadian..
things went all okay.. except during the journey to intec, there was an accident occurred. i met timah zaharah, she's one of the pihak penganjur. also met berg.. he actually won without sparring in his first match, and barely won the second. but finally, managed to own a bronze. unlike this lady, waited from morning till 4 o'clock before my turn. unfotunately, exhausted of waiting made my movements looked silly and lousy. nampak sangat da penat..

in the end, bought myself a new kicking pad. it worthed RM88.90. very comfy and soft.. hopefully that will encourage me to practise more... haha..

my new kicking pad.. for sure i won't give this to my bro. or else he will loose this like what he did to the kicking pad i bought for him few years back..

this is the end of part 1.. part 2 to be continued

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