Saturday, April 25, 2009

tired lorh~


this was supposed to be posted last tuesday...
well, the title itself explained everything why it is not posted on that day.

to my calculation, it WAS a tiring day..

as usual, class is on from 8am till 1.30pm..
then got choral speaking practise for the english camp at 3pm until 5pm..
rushed to pray asar and went for usrah at yasmin's.
we had a discussion on a surah from the Quran, which is the 78th chapter, An-Naba'
until it was 7.30...

hurried back home and get ready for lds replacement class at 8. venue? a creepy place to be alone at night; tower block level 2.

to my surprised, i was actually quite late.. on the previous class, someone had promise madam that we'll gather near the stairs at 7.45 and i don't even know about that. i was there around 7.50 yet seeing almost everybody was there, with the-not-good-news faces. they said she was already waited for us even 5 minutes earlier before 7.45. she went back home with anger ( that's what they said) to prepare dinner for her children. at that time, i felt sooo guilty and also quite pissed because the person who made the promised with madam was already at the tower block.. ape punye orang.. cakap tak serupe bikin..

whatever... madam showed up again at 8 sumething and we had class until almost 10. up till that time, i was very hungry and a bit distracted by something so i couldn't give my full attention to the lecture.. sorry madam.. in addition, we're learning on clauses since our lds test next week is until this chapter.

finished class, quickly rushed home and prayed isya' and had a few bites of kuew teow piqa bought during the evening. then quickly again went to block 4 for another choral speaking practise. unlucky for us, conflict occurred and it dragged the time until 1 o'clock...

huargh.. then i finally get the chance to 'landing' at my bed.. tried to finish up my LS homework, but then i found my self sleeping infront of the homework until the next morning..

really packed timetable, ayte?
i wonder what will happened next week, i dunno whether to go taekwondo practise or the choral speaking prastise, as the time will clash on tuesday and thursday..

both are important to me.

i'm going for 2nd dan, i don't really master all the requirements needed and i won't burn my rm200 just to fail the test.. it's almost half of my allowance okay!


i don't want to miss the choral speaking practise either.. i don't want to make fun of myself in front of the audience on the actual day..

hmmm..... *think my dear, think*

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