Wednesday, March 25, 2009

injured before it begins


location: DKA
time: few minutes after ldv presentation. quite a relief but not very ready to present. quite lack of of explanation.. =(

yesterday, got usual training with master ben. only 8 members came. not very much but i like it this way. sir taught us quite some new tricks of warming-up, which i think is quite unique. i've already got the equipments needed for the sparring competition. akhirnye dapat jugak main dengan kicking pads once again.

sir observed my poomsae and it was sucks at first. after a few times practicing, it become much better and i'm able to balance myself after each movements. finally~

during the evening, went to the UM's libraby in search of resources for our second social studies assignment. found a few articles and after done photostating, rushed back to ipba for sport house training. we went for lempar cakera and rejam lembing. from my view, not many are actually interested to participate. kind of sad because i don't really have friends who love sports. even thought i'm not that kind of a sports girl, in a sudden i felt i am when i'm in ipba. haish...

after finished both track and field events, got the chance for my beloved long-not-trained-so-da-pancit sport, long jump.. went for the first jump, successfully jump above the requirement limit. tried for the second, unfortunately, sprained my left ankle due to bad landing. not good for a poomsae participant like me this sunday.

so, today, i'm not going to walk like a normal human being, therefore mind my slow movements until i recovers.

the end.

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