Monday, March 16, 2009

not in the mood


guess that it's been quite some time since my last post.. sorry, dude.. connection to blogger problem ( i dunno whether this only happened to me or to others too)

i'm not saying that i'm not in the mood to post any entry today.. just that there's something made me moody.

frankly speaking, i was intended to go to the library ( district only, not very far from my house) to do my assignmentS plus perhaps finding some other useful sources. went there around 10, and guess what??




it was CLOSED!

what the heck??

closed during weekdays?come on lar, it's just the beginning of the week! monday, not sunday..
hmph.... lastly ended at kfc and later, to the secret recipe to ease my tense..

well, perhaps that has ruined my whole day mood. luckily a friend of mine, was a helping hand. she was with me, all day, helping me to find some sort of useful articles for me to do my other assignments. she is aisyah, my friend since my primary and still keep in touch up till now. now in uia doing foundation dentistry.

due to my moodiness that time, i sent few messages to my friends telling that i'm totally not very keen to continue my work. suddenly, yasmin called me and asked to know my actual condition and why i text her like that as if i was really meant what i have text her. i was quite, shock, and astonished that she would actually responded and she was really cared for me.. thank you min for that call.. tibe2 rase terharu lak~sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat!!

at the end of the evening, spent my spare time watching alvin and the chipmunks at aisyah's house, eating some more secret recipe's cake, for sure.

because of that, i had spent a sum of more than rm20 today just because of that. man, does it really true that whenever you're moody or what so ever, you'll spend more than you should? including gaining weight? luckily i'm in the underweight level. haha..

that's all for now.. jaa

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