Friday, May 28, 2010

one of the last outings together

salam and hi~

well, exams' over, so lets enjoy!
fyi, today was a full day out..
from morning till afternoon, went for the LO course thingy.. they've taught us on protocols on do's and don'ts during the event. although we are only the LOs for the contingents, yet it was a precious memory..*got sesat some more, bus' driver almost forgot our trip, etc2...*

back to ipba at 3, rushed up and went out again at 3.45.
venue: sunway pyramid

well, to make things more interesting, i'm not having my car with me this time around. dad use it to go to terengganu to give morale support for my mom.. so, to cut it short, me and ruhan, took the public transport to get there... taxi oh taxi~

although i was not in the mood of going out, *since i saw THAT car*, i just decided to accompany her to meet her 'adik angkat'. one of the way to ease my sadness, perhaps?

we walked around the area, back and forth and later to archery...i just sat silently and watched them pretend to become professional took me some time to recover my moodiness. but the outing did helped a lot. especially her adik angkat pretend to be 20 when the real age is only 18, yet ruhan had been the victim for the so-called pretesting for a new not-launched yet a kfc's product. *muke terpakse walaupun mase makan pizza pun xabes* . after prayer we've gone for some more walk and later we held our goodbyes at the main entrance...

back in ipba again around 10.. so damn tired but then i still managed to watch 'avatar' with wahida..

my mood currently? still has been engulfing with sadness.. hopefully miracles will ease that out..

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