Friday, May 28, 2010

why oh why?

i do have a feeling
to love and to be loved

i do have ambitions
to grasp and to achieve

but, i wonder why
sometimes it's hard to get
what we always wanted...

i tried to be your best buddy
to accompany you
to be one of your part
but i failed to know your heart

i tried to look good
but you didn't reply

is there anything wrong
between you and me?

is there any obstacles
that keep us a distant?

pain and pain
grows larger inside of me
it takes time to heal
but i don't know when...


Anonymous said...

u knoe, ppl change. myb there is nothing wrong with you, but people (in this case, ur buddy) just change.

n one thing that u might want to consider. do not try to be one's part of life. it only happens when it happens. it is like, a natural thing. like family. u don't try, it just happens. trying it will do you more harm if it doesn't turn the way u want. be yourself. do not hope too much in a relationship.

QilaRaft said...

yup.. guess u're right..
btw, thanks 4 dat...