Thursday, May 6, 2010

a sign of punishment?

is always the wicked treatment
you don't speak
you wouldn't glimpse
all you do
is remain still
as if i'm not there
as if i'm not exist

no eye on eye
not even a simplest stare
or even a closer gap
between you and me

is that feel good
to treat me like that?
is it real fun
to keep a distant?

it hurts me deep inside
dunno how would it be on you
whether you enjoy
or hurt as well


atikullah ismail said...

so true...silent is unbearable torture..

QilaRaft said...

yup.. especially when the doer is someone that is close to you..

p/s: btw, thanks for following~

Anonymous said...

Woah! You're into poems?

QilaRaft said...

i would say it is just me expressing my feelings into shorter form of words... i guess so? haha~ if it really sounds like a poem.. it should be irregular or free style, i think... hehehe~

khai, what do you think?