Wednesday, June 9, 2010

great day ~

salam and hi!

this morning, 10a.m sharp, i went online and logged in my facebook account. then i saw some of my friend's page and they're like, praising and relieving, saying that they've made it. that statements shivered me. the results is already out!

the reason i woke up a bit early was because i knew, it's an important day! although i'm curious and scared to face it, i still have to face it..

i braved myself to text mdm carol. few minutes later, mdm z sent me a msg, saying that i'v passed my foundation.. OMG!!!! i felt like flying into the sky as if i've got wings . the perseverance i'm made all these years have been paid off!!

i like that feeling. i will always remember that moment. each time i think about it later that day, i will smile as broad as i could, although i know, i'm not good at smiling... but who cares! as long as i'm happy, i'm happy~

anyway, congratulations to those who in line with me. seems that there's few more years to cherish together~ and for those who didn't make it, try your very best to catch up and fly with us. it's no fun when there's some are left behind..

so, not really in the mood of blogging.. jaa~