Wednesday, June 9, 2010

mixed feelings

time's running fast
our time is left
to be under daddy's arm and rest

here i come
with hopes and missions
with goals and passions
to gain the knowledge
to earn the experiences

will i survive?
with the weather?
with the cultures?
with the surrounding?

imanku masih lemah
mudah leka mudah alpa
mampukah aku mengharungi semua?

is it possible
to remain unchanged?
to restrain myself
from becoming someone else?


atikullah ismail said...

dicampak ke penjuru dunia mana sekalipun, akar pegangan jgn biar goyah..

slmat terbang dan moga dipermudahkan i'allah~ =)

QilaRaft said...

tq~ insya'allah