Wednesday, February 16, 2011

learning experience

salam and hi~

a few days ago, John emailed us a request from a student who need a volunteer to be interviewed for her assignment. without taking a deep thought, i replied that girl and just hope that i'd be selected...

and guessed what? i was the earliest to respond.. Alhamdulillah :)

the date was set today at 12 noon. she text me to meet up at student union. as i was on my way there, mira was on her way to Augustine House. because i wasn't that brave enough to go for the interview alone, so i asked her to accompany me, and there we went to the unfamiliar student union building

just a couple of moments later, she arrived and met us at the couch area. she greeted us and invited us to go to a less noisy place.

at first we went upstairs ( which we're both never entered) and she bought us drinks. but since the place was still noisy, we went to another room, which is the next door cafe near there.

her name is Sabina and she's a Nepali. it was lucky enough for me as she lived in Brunei when she was young, plus she was once visited Kuala Lumpur so basically she knew at least something about our country.

the interview took for about half an hour where she mostly asked on the cultures in malaysia, the differences i've noticed here in Britain and in my motherland, etc2.

but one thing that we talked quite a lot was on religion ( and I can't recalled how it happened, but it's a good thing right?) apart from the education system, blah blah blah..

it's a great pleasure when i was able to explain and introduce my religion, especially to those who has little or no background knowledge of Islam at all (in full ENGLISH dude, not in Malay language) pheww~ Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah all went well. :)

delivering the testimonial of truth (shahadatul Haq) is the duty that need to be carried out by each Muslims although it is only for one sentence (according to your ability) to those who do not know. yet i know there's lot more for me to improve and to learn to become a better ambassador of Islam.

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