Friday, April 15, 2011

tribute to ccmb ^^

ccmb sisters

Mount Edgecumbe

the sweetness of ukhuwah
is something i'd like to keep in mind
and secure in heart
that was the first time
i seemed to know all the participants
we stayed at the same house
it's there where we prayed together
where we slept together
and we ate together

and when we went out to town
to Land's End and Mount Edgecumbe
we played together
taking pictures camera by camera
we had so much fun
and by that
we learnt more
about each other

if yesterday we came as strangers
but now we leave as friends
we are truly a big happy family

The Hoe

Land's End

"Teman-teman karib pada hari itu saling bermusuhan satu sama lain kecuali mereka yang bertaqwa" (43:67)

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~aisyahsajuni~ said...

qilah, wat r box yg leh tick post tu funny ke ape ke.. best sket aku nak rate