Sunday, August 11, 2013

she is like a sister i never had

few years back

i met her at her house when we stayed there the night before the winter gathering started at Waddow Hall the next day. got to know her briefly and that's all about it.

the next day, the same person was assigned to be my facilitator during the whole winter gathering. it was such a coincidence, but it somehow let us to know more about each other. the memory of it was the best experience for my whole three years of joining different winter gatherings in the UK. and there is no doubt about it.

I would say that although we don't meet that often, she has sparked a special spot deep down in my heart. why? because she has taught me about life, indirectly, and without her intention, i suppose.

there was one time during ccmb, a spring holiday gathering, she asked me to be the imam for fajr prayer. i trembled as i lead the prayer because it was my very first time to lead a prayer among my friends. i guess somehow that incident of 'this-responsibility-lies-on-you' has made me more confident ever since. in certain things.

during summer holiday in Malaysia, i stayed at her house for a night. she actually taught me how to cover my aurah from the non-mahrams while being indoors. and yes, that was also my first time i ever knew how it should be done. That was the first and the last time i went back to malaysia for summer holidays after i've been touched by the sweetness of tarbiyah in the UK. As a beginner to love what i believe in my religion, there's so much to change. so much that i need to improve on and that was one of the initial aspects i began to understand and gradually take into action.


it's been more than a year since we last met. even more than a year i haven't heard any news from her. now that i'm already back for good, i think it would be good to keep in touch again. i don't want to lose a special friend because this one whole year has been quite dull without any news from her. no poking in facebook, no sweet messages, nothing at all. 

p/s: if you're reading this (or somehow i will make you read this if i were able to reach you), i just want to let you know that i really miss you. well, most of us do. seriously.

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