Friday, July 3, 2015

Am I?

I guess, I'm slowly adapting with the system. The ethos, the culture, the ways on how to do things and stuff like that. And perhaps, I begin to understand MY role as a teacher here.

Perhaps I'm not the best teacher who always get students' attention. I'm not a good teacher that makes my students do very well in their exams, some of them even failed their English paper. Perhaps I'm not the most efficient teacher in making things a success. Paperworks, nah, I'm way too far from perfection.

However, tonight, one student has just changed my perspective on how I look at myself. One of them confessed, along most of the ceremonies conducted by students here, they said I'd always be there for them. Not sure of what I've done, but perhaps I was always there when they needed someone to talk to. Every time they were scolded by other teachers for making mistakes during ceremonies, I was there to console them. To make things a little bit cooler and calm. So, what am I exactly?

Nevertheless, there are a few types of students I've noticed in this school. There are students who really take my advice wholeheartedly, and really make a deep reflection on things I've said, shared or even scolded. There are also students who simply take advantages on me, ie by using my NAME as a tool of escapism for breaking the school rules (yes, I was a little pissed and upset when I knew that from other teacher).

Perhaps I should not be too close with the second group of students. Yes they need special attention, but sometimes their actions deserve more than just being nice.

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