Friday, September 18, 2009

9 hours of outing

salam and hi..

just got back after a long day of window shopping ( and only a pair of sandals bought) at times square with faten. she volunteered herself to become my consultant( ala2 gitu~).

we went to times square at 3 pm after sending ila and imah to bangsar lrt station. went to times square right away and spent almost 3 hours to survey every shoe stores there. later on, went back to one shop and bought a pair of kind of feminine type of sandals (my choice but suggested by faten). after that went to midvalley to break the fast at oasis food court. while wandering there, got message from my friend capik, exclaming she'll departing to uk this night. i almost forgot that she'll flying tonight.

without further thinking, decided to send her at klia. unfortunately, i missed to see her only for a couple of minutes. as we reached the balai pelepasan, she was on her way to the train to the international departure terminal. syishhh.... this is all due to the bad weather and traffic jam all the way to klia.. i wonder when we'll meet again.. she is my friend since primary school. used to be bit shorter, but after secondary school, she grew a lot. haha.. even taller than me, i guessed. we met again during my time in matriculation, and been closed again together with edd(now in egypt, pursuing her medic).

capik, take good care of yourself there. and wait for me till next year ( insya'allah) even though you're in one part of uk i have never heard of.


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