Monday, November 2, 2009

the camping


now only i have the rajin-ness to post an entry although not really in the mood of doing it. yes, all the assignments have been submitted, the play has been staged, the reports have been sent. however the last part of NL assignment is still not done yet-data analysis presentation.

hell yeah, it's a torture to wait for our turn to present. the way dr law bombarded other groups made me to feel anxious and a bit nervous. well, this is my first time presenting data analysis..

okay, about the scout's camping, it is officially has been postphoned of all a sudden without any concrete reasons. it will be such a waste of money if we didn't go for a real camping. fake camping at dkc near dr. sofi's house and pretend it as an actual camp? that won't give real experience as we might go back to hostels as we want ( without being caught of course!)

this afternoon i got a call from cha. she invited me to go for a camping with some KS's seniors with dr azita, as a fasilitator. i wanted to join the camp since i love camping so much. but sadly, i had to refuse that since my group has not presented our analysis yet. i don't want them to felt the torture of waiting just because of my silly-non-related activity i attended. so, i had to give away the ever chance i got to go to gunung ledang for a camp.. sobsob.. ='(

hopefully things will be better soon.. wish me luck for my presentation yaa~

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