Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it slipped


probably just a quick post today.
i just got back from playing basketball ( as usual, but nearly after a week of none)
tonight's game was great; the four of us plus with some other cohort 3 guys (alvin, onn and usher)
that made only me and jiani the only girls playing.
since it's been quite a while of resting, i found out that my shooting skills has decreased.
less shoots were made and it sucks.
none three points.
besides, throughout the game, i slipped/missed the ball quite few times.
that made me feel horrible as if i'd never played before.
and they probably would have think i'm no good at all.

but that was a fine match after all.
admired onn for his cool moves and styles.
alvin too.
when back at 12.30..
now i'm thinking of starting my LDS homework. due date: wednesday.
tomorrow's class will start at 11.30, so , no problem of getting up late~


1 comment:

fieqa said...

haha..oh ek??
so kesimpulan nye ko kene turun lgi, practise more often..hehe