Sunday, October 3, 2010

speak out!

salam and hi

joining in societies enables me to know lots more new people. as i am in st john's ambulance and taekwondo club, i have met (and had conversation with) a few people of different background, and different courses, for sure.

most of them have never heard across the word 'malaysia'. yeah, pretty sad for me to say because our country is sooo limited and tiny to be as famous as the united states or japan as part of their general knowledge *same goes to me if you ask me about other countries*

so far, it's great to be joining them, but the one thing we also run away from, is to join their social gathering/event. their way to socialise is mainy going to the pub and hang around with some theme costumes and all. lets say, this week's theme is cops and robbers, so the following week will be mexican theme, so you'll have to dress like one. the temptation to join is there, but it is truly not a malaysian (or should i say malay's) culture. so before i get into something i shouldn't be doing, it's better to avoid (mamabear,2010).

oh yeah, before i forgot, i made a record~ me, emkay, imah and syara had a lift by a local. we met her during the practise and because she was all alone, we invited her to join us and training together. after the session, we chat for a while when she asked where do we stayed. and that's the time she offered us a lift since she's driving her own car to the sports centre. for me, that was a cool experience, i would say. this is what you get when you have lots of networking.

so, the moral of the story for me, is that i should keep on connecting with international friends, in appropriate way (that's for sure) so that i'll benefit the best of it. i have to talk more and be less shy as i am today ( in terms of to speak out in the class and creating conversation ).. insya'allah~


atikullah ismail™ said...

amik yang jernih, buang yang keruh jauh2..=)..

QilaRaft said...

yup2.. btol tu...