Friday, March 18, 2011

blabs for the day

salam and hi

and that's the end of the horrifying three presentations (straight for this week)!
now i'm left with all the portfolios and reflections to go... my oh my...
spring is almost here.. the flowers are blossoming quite beautifully... but i wonder why the weather is still cold and misty? hm Allah knows best...

next week, we will have to perform for our drama... the performance... quite nervous...being watched by a number of people from cohort 1 (malunye!) and some other locals and swedish people.. May Allah ease

oh yeah, we're going to have a Malaysian Day the day after. not sure yet what we'll do on that day, but that's the time our IPGs' rector come to visit.. i hope that our plan for the proposal will bring good luck... not very convincing but it's worth to try ~.~

Easter is coming and i can't wait to meet kak q~ miss her so much! it's been like, almost four months since i last met her at fuiyo... ^^

so that's all for now... cheers *in the UK, cheers also means thank you*


♥♥LannaMimie♥♥ said...

gudluck qilah!

QilaRaft said...

thanks mimi!
insya'allah i'll do my best~