Thursday, October 6, 2011

the not so lucky day

salam and hi

i'd just make a homerun from St Augustine's library to the third floor Newton's building and went back to St Augustine's library all in one short. in addition that i haven't had any food properly since morning. and the time now is almost half past four.and also that my phone has just close its eyes.


how far is it from the library to the university?
around 10-15 mins malaysian walking distance.

why do i have to do that?
we met a government officer today to make a criminal clearance so that we would be allowed to do our School Experience in a primary school in Folkestones. we need to show a proof of lists of things including a copy of bank statement or any document that shows your name and home address on it.

unfortunately, i've only lived in that new accomodation less than a month, so i don't have anything to show since i haven't got anything except a bank statement telling that my father has banked in some amount of money for me. and by the way the statement is printed in all black so it's not a very good enough to be claimed as a proof.

so what happened?
i had to stay on campus(library to be precise) to wait for my turn. so when my turn comes, that happened. she couldn't accept the bank statement as it may be a false proof because it was printed in all black (normally we have coloured printed statements). and yeah, i had to make another appointment and bring other proofs. i called my other housemates if they brought the tenancy agreement as it was my last option, apart from the rejected bank statement.

so there was i, borrowed a phone from Kaled and made a phone call, rushed back to third floor Newton's building just to get the tenancy agreement, and rushed again to library. anndddddd.... it was still not good enough. my friends who used it this morning managed to use it as a proof, but i guess the luck is not with me.

such a dissappoinment..

but, to look from a bright side

i managed to proof myself that i am still fit. although running in a windy day is cool (the sweat dries quickly), but it also showed that i haven't do much physical activities or any sports since i came back to UK, or even my three months of holiday in Malaysia. i was breathing heavily as if i've climbed a mountain which i should have not if i'm still active in sports or such.

second of all, I thanked Kaled for lending his phone, Jega for offering me some cookies since she knew i haven't eaten anything for lunch and those who concerns about my current status and Sammy who had to witness me being scolded by the officer(the officer was probably too tired at the time, as to meet everybody one by one since morning). this shows that i still have friends who care, and longed enough to help. Thanks all!

"‎'LUCK' is never in a mukmin's dictionary, my dear. apa yg berlaku, PASTI ada hikmah, no doubt!"

this actually calmed me.. thanks kak D for the lovely quote. at times when i really need someone, you're always there for me. yes, i do agree that when any bad incident happends, there's always something that Allah wants to show to me. maybe it's not shown today, tomorrow, or even maybe days later, but perhaps there's something He wants me to learn. life will never be easy all the time, right? this actually teaches me how to react, and to respond when dealing with other people, perhaps in the future when i'm already a teacher soon(insya'allah), i'll be dealing with high officers and with the admin workers.

and last of all, things will never be as we plan. no matter how hard we tried to reach our target, there's always rough at some edges. to gain success at the end, we have to face challenges and obstacles to get through. Allah is the best planner of all and no one should have doubted it.

Allahuma yassir wa la tuassir.
may He makes easy everything that is difficult for me


Dyana Hashim said...

qila.. aku lg la. clearance letter aku yg ori ade kt umh. so kena tunggu mak aku pos laju. which cost me quite a lot >.<

... said...


suka ni "Allahuma yassir wa la tuassir." dpt belajar phrase baru, yayy!

btw, luck is never in a mukmin's dictionary. hmm betul juga kan tp kekadang can't escape from thinking "luck's not on my side" .. shikes.. -.-


MTM said...

oh patient are right saying that everything happened for a reason..or many reaasons..we just don't it know yet. I was right there at the library when you were in trouble, so sorry qila, how I wished I could help you.

Anonymous said...

Salam wbt Dik,

Sorry to hear about all the hassle u had to go through. Dealing with people can sometimes test your patience big time. But having to experience such thing makes u a matang person insyAllah. You can now appreciate more the fact that people do indeed come in totally different and unexpected forms. Tapi itulah hikmah Allah jadikan manusia ni pelbagai ragam dan kerenah, agar kita saling belajar mempelajari drpd manusia, be it a good thing or a bad thing so that we can reflect.

Hope u are feeling better now, dik. Moga urusan awk semua dipermudahkan. Jangan rasa sia2 penat lelah awak berlari berjalan ke sana ke mari. Andai diikhlaskan hati dan redha dgn apa yg berlaku, Hhhhsetiap tapak itu ada ganjaran setimpal daripadaNya insyAllah.

Ingat, pahala yg Allah ingin beri kali ni mungkin dari jalan sabar :)


Kak D