Tuesday, May 15, 2012

enough rambling

It's been a while now. Quite some time, long after my lengthy entry, describing my life here and there in parts of the UK. I've just sat for three core module exam papers, and I still have one last to finish off my Year 2 here. Oops, almost forgetting my introduction to Year 3 sessions after that, and a bit of thinking time for selecting topic for my dissertation, ten thousand words. Yes, it's a 10k project I tell ya. One whole year for doing that.

Life's never been easy. At times there were happy moments, some others were just rough edges. Year 2 has taught me a lot about responsibilities and desire for the better. Towards self, towards others around me, and towards everything that matters to me. Islam. People often say they care for their religion. But what do they do about it? Just saying on facebook does't makes you've done your role and that's it. Posting some Islamic photos or reminders on your page doesn't make you more pious compared to others. What have you contribute physically for the dakwah? It is the biggest and the greatest sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. And that question keeps on revolving around me all this while. And I often think whether I've tried to do it, in whatsoever ways that exists and i'm still learning to do it my own way. Hope for the best.

A year has watched me developed. From my first innocent year, to a year that I've become more aware of my surroundings, not just in the UK, but also changes that happen in my home country. Yeah, they say don't do politics because it's dirty. Dirty people do dirty politics, but those who are ikhlas, they really mean it. Showing an awareness is good. Showing that I do care for my future.

I don't even know what i'm talking right now. Perhaps the dizziness of the exam fever has caught me into this situation. Hoping for a better quality attempts in the future. Insya'allah

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