Wednesday, May 16, 2012

options to choose


Being an international student especially when you're planning not to go back to your country during summer holidays, is not easy when you have minimal allowance to spend. In order to secure a part time job, one has to compete with other locals and applicants, where sometimes they don't really prefer other nationalities. Sometimes.

Perhaps luck was not with me, but I do believe something better will appear. I was rejected with the application for the housekeeping position at University of Kent, and my application to volunteer for the upcoming Olympics is not yet finalised. Depending solely on allowance and savings, well urm... quite a tough thing to do when you don't have any future savings backup plans and your whole family is coming in three months time.

While skype-ing with my friends, she offered me a job to babysit some Malaysian posgrads somewhere outside Kent. Well, I think that would be a very good suggestion despite of the need to travel far away from Canterbury. Perhaps it's one way to socialise with the society of different age range. That makes sense for me as in Canterbury we can't find many Malaysians anyway. Families with kids, even rarely found. Besides, maybe it's a preparation for me as well? Who know what will happen in the future, Experience makes us strong, experience develops our maturity.

So, there are lots of options we can choose, there are many things we can do, with one condition, the will power should be at the top. Apart from that, we should also remember that all we have today, wealth, health and life is borrowed from Allah the Creator. We may choose whatever we want, but the result remains a secret for us to treasure. To Allah we pray our best, and let to Him to decide what's best. Insya'allah


Izzati Hashim said...

Best of luck dear!
May Allah ease everything for you, insyaAllah.

Keje leklok yer kat tempat org?
Jgn rindu-rindu sama Malaysia. =P

IslamSeeker said...

jazakillah khair izzati :)

huhu... kalau dapat kerja babysitter tu, dapat la kot mengubat rindu kat msia.. :)

kalau xpun, pengalaman beraya kat sini dengan kawan2 ^^