Friday, February 15, 2013

it snowed again in February


just a short update insya'allah
I just got back from NISE 2013
managed to visit some friends in York and Leeds
that's why i really enjoy travelling
not that i love the scenery less, 
but i care to strengthen the ukhuwwah more~

I am now currently recovering from fever.
nearly took a week to recover.
but Alhamdulillah,
my health is getting better and better.
jazakumullah for all the wishes and prayers

my naqibah said,
"macam teruk je gayanye kat instagram"
but here i say, i'm not easily get sick,
so when i am, i guess you can imagine how would it be.
when i'm able to makes jokes (pekena, menyakat) my friends again
that's the indicator that i'm getting better
well, perhaps that's what she said.
and i guessed i'm agree with her.


p/s: it was snowing+raining when i got back from Leeds, and most probably that's the reason i fell sick? Allah knows best

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