Thursday, June 27, 2013

wide smile

Alhamdulillah just received the news that I've passed my Year 3. Can't wait to start Year 4 in KL once again. I met John for an interview just an hour earlier before the message was sent to all of us. It was a memorable experience interviewing him. He even showed me some of the articles made by staffs and students from the TESL batch 2000/01. He photocopied some of those and gave it to me as a  gift. This is all because I told him that I wanted to make a video compilation on staffs' feedback about us after teaching  us patiently for the past 3 years. I was quite frustrated though that none of it was produced during the farewell party, so I decided to make my own video. During these final days in Canterbury, I am trying to develop my skills in video editing. Every night I will force myself to finish or do at least some part of the video regarding my previous holiday trips and time in the UK. 

It's hard to leave whatever we have here in the UK. I'll definitely miss everything here. The transportation, the weather, the friendship. It has taught me a lot during these 3 years. Interestingly, John still remembers me as part of the cohort representative although I have not been as one this year. It's a wonder he remembers me because I didn't speak a lot during the staff meetings and stuffs. But that trust he showed me makes me feel confident about myself and what I am capable to do. Perhaps if it wasn't because of being the student rep for the cohort, a secretary and treasurer for Iluvislam UK Eire once upon a time ago, I might not become who I am today. My confidence develops through time and still is developing. 

tonight, we had a small but little crazy mission. upon accomplishment, our favorite landlord has banked in our house deposit :) double the joy today, Alhamdulillah 

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Azureen Azlan said...

perhaps one thing that makes it harder for u, me and the rest of us to bid farewell to this land is because we 'grow-up' there. proses 'pendewasaan' kita semua berlaku di sana. that's the main thing, as well as the life-changing experiences that we all get. huu the feeling's mutual here. have a safe journey back to Malaysia :)