Saturday, May 30, 2015


I saw a couple with 2 children. The father, with a silver chain around his neck and a cigarette, was holding the baby while the mother, wearing a short sleeves with a small instant tudung was busy with the other child.

Kids and cigarettes? I don't think that's a good father example. Short sleeves and a small instant tudung? There's something not right somewhere.

Kids don't come out and grow up with good characters automatically. They are to be nurtured according to their parents. Parents ARE their role model.

Hopefully their parents have attended any parenting courses, or any Islamic talks upon upbringing a Muslim child. Let the deen be in their heart, not just on their attire. Hopefully they will become good parents with a good grasp of knowledge of Islam and also parenting skills.

don't let the child grow up know nothing about Islam

don't let the child do whatever they want to do just because their parents did it too.

p/s: Parenting nowadays is not easy. 

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