Wednesday, September 8, 2010

because you are my beloved

have changed my view
upon all that lies beneath His creation

and you
have opened my eyes
to see things profoundly
to think that Allah is the greatest
that Allah is the one we should obey the most

in everything you do
there's always a relation
that makes me think
the purpose of life
is not just about living our days

have found me along the path
given me strength
to grow with what i have newly found
to be close to Him
they helped me through
to anticipate
to process
and to change
like what they always said
"a shift of paradigm"

and because of that
i LOVE them because of ALLAH
they've led me to Him
and always i will never forget

thank you Allah for letting me to have them as friends!

Jazakillahu khairan khatira
ukhuwah fillah abadan abada

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