Wednesday, September 15, 2010

greetings from canterbury!

salam and hi~

this is the very first entry written here in canterbury... yeay! i've finally arrived in UK safe and sound..alhamdulillah ya Allah!

the journey of a total of 104 teacher trainees were scheduled on the same flight of MH002 departing from KLIA at 11.40 at night. since there were a huge departure, the airport seemed to be so crowded with family and friends. as for me, i'd only meet my family after maghrib as my relatives from perak just arrived that afternoon. so they'd need some rest after an exhausting trip from perak.

as i self-check-in my cargo bag, i went to wander around the area with shy as we are both 'familyless' that time. he left his home a day earlier as he'd stay in ipba the previous day before the departure.

unexpectedly, i met ana~ she was sending her sister back to sarawak. so we went for some last chit chat before she had to go back. okay, to cut things short, the travelling part was tiring. yet, my cohort is my cohort. whenever we are, we are we.. know why i'm saying that? it's because, when we were waiting for the train to go to the terminal, most of us actually buzzing and shouted with joy when the train arrived. it was quite funny, though.

i've spent the 13-hour flight with sleeping, eating the meals they provided, and also 2 movies consequently. i'd watch the last airbender as well as sherek the forever after (the latest one). the immigration check went smoothly (thanks to Allah, alhamdulillah) but i felt regret of not bringing my serunding *hmph*

we were welcomed by officers form MSD before we went to our respective universities *both porthsmouth and cccu* the journey to canterbury took almost 2 hours so i'd enjoyed my sightseeing pretty much. it is such a lovely place with the scenery, except that i couldn't stand the weather pretty much *it's cold tell ya although it's just the end of summer*

okay, my accomodation is actually a flat houses.. we've got 2nd floor out of the total of 3. the room was small but i like it *no need to spend much energy to move aorund* but, ours is considered the furthest among all of other's house. and it is the furthest from university * need to add more footsteps*

as soon as we got our room, we went out to asda (tesco's relative, i would say, with green colour as their theme colour, unlike tesco with blue and red) to buy some necessities. later in the afternoon, the seniors brought us to the town of canterbury . it was lovely~ a place full of historical attraction from the roman's ancient time of invasion.

well, that's all for now. will be updating soon with more stories from canterbury~~