Monday, September 6, 2010

the final.... jam?

Salam and hi
Monday. The last Monday, I would say. The final week before we depart to the UK. And tomorrow, I’ll be watching some of my friends’ departure. And that would be a short farewell for them, as we might be seeing, visiting while travelling to their place later within the 3years of studying abroad. (free accommodation, perhaps??)

However, it is still sad, though. Watching people go and waiting for our turn to fly is quite a mind-torture. Will it be the same way we were sent? Will I see those people who came to see me fly, again in the future? Hm…. Hm… hm…

it is sad to think that this would be the last time we celebrate Eid together with our beloved family. well, who knows what will happen in the future.. breaking fast together, sahur together, praying together. even after we have finished our studies, the situation won't be the same. we might be posted to some rural areas where internet and phone connection are limited. and we may not be able to see them that often (unless you're posted soooo near to your hometown)

so lets pray to Allah to ease in everything we do..

and to those who'll fly to France tomorrow, good luck and may we meet again in the future~

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