Friday, February 13, 2009



"tempat ketiga bagi acara sukan bola baling perempuan jatuh kepada... kumpulan... aga...gla...."

gosh, i'd never ever expected nor intended that our team would ever won.. it's quite shameful for me, as i'm the one representing the team to take the hamper, especially when the mc pronounce our group's name, hesitantly and she looks unable to pronounce with confidence, too. plus, it was a weird name too.. haa, who cares, as long as we got the 'jajan', it is alright for us, no big deal..

well, that's all now. daa~

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fieqa said...

nak tergelak aku tgk ko naek pentas amek hadiah..
slumber je muka..;p

share la sket hadiah kat aku..hOhoo..kang aku curik kang..ngahahaa..