Friday, February 27, 2009

fund raising ~_~


it's been a bit dusty here, i supposed. what can i do- too busy to post an entry, as well as to get myself into the net, sometimes, too. unlike fieqa, she just cannot live without it. it will be quite an amazement to see her not surfing.

perhaps that today i would like to talk about my fund-raising team. well, as you all know( if you know) our cohort is going to perform a shakespeare's play, the merchant of venice, next semester. therefore, a lot sum of money is needed throughout this production. costumes, props and all those things. to make things easier, we have divided ourselves into a few groups in five or six in order to do anything to collect fund for that matter.

i am grouping along with aliaa, ila, ruhan and last but not least, the one and only male in our team( every team does have the maximum of one male.. pity us), khalid. in our first meeting, we'd listed some sort of activities that might end up with lots of profit( maybe) such as :

-recycling( my dad didn't convinced me with that at all)
-selling drinks
-perhaps during any sports occasion
- comic renting( from my very own precious collections)
-ala2 cinema( still in proposal, result not known yet)

up till now, we've done and still progressing with some activities. we've sold drinks, to be precise, ribena but not in mobile packs, during the badminton tournament this recent. i've put my almost whole collection of graphic novels and some other comics into business. and it gives profit kinda great too. so to all comic lovers, do support us by reading our(my) comics and at the same time, raise our fund for that play.

few days ago, we had our first audition to select the most talented ones to be acting in the play. i was paired with yati and we did the scene between lancelot gobbo and his father, the old-blind gobbo. the results should be announced today during es, but, has been delayed due to some other factors. okay, madam z adn miss hendon was busy at the time. therefore we had almost two hours mess lectures on ldv with madam joanne.

well, perhaps that's all for now. our routine during weekends is almost started soon.. jaa~

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fieqa said...

wehhh..ape dahh...ngumpat aku..ngeh3..

haishhh..ko dah bawak budaya komik kat ipba..hishh3~~..
smpai aku pon ne bace gaks..lalalalaa..

demi play tercinta..he3~