Sunday, February 8, 2009

instructor's training??

salam and hye..

it's been quite some time i left my blog to be hibernated.
it's a wake up call now..
and it's all about my days.. all in one.. i think i do like this multiple thingy..

regarding to the title of today's ( 7 feb), yes, i have started my very first training. well, more or less it's just more to train myself on handling other members, especially the new ones ( white belt) to do their stances and other movements in the correct techniques.

we ( abg aiman, kak salma, alvin and i) meet up at block 4 at the early morning of this beloved saturday, 7.15 to be precise.. yup.. 7.15 during saturday, it's quite difficult for me to wake up very early.. then, we go to smk taman sea, at pj if i'm not mistaken. credits for abg aiman for driving us there. master ben is also their instructor there, so perhaps that our existence were to help him while he train other belt holders.

from what i can see, being an instructor is just like being a teacher. you come and teach the other until they understand and starts doing the correct thing. as for me myself, ( this is kind of a reflective of myself during my first time training) this just like the practicum for the final year teacher trainees.. i do think that i need to work on my voice projection, as most people at the back did not start their movements as i ordered just before that. plus, i do need to arrange my words better, my instructions were quite miserable, they don't understand me, and sometimes it makes me confuse ( and blur) too..

i'd also learned that not everybody is giving their full-commitment while training. same goes during the p&p ( pembelajaran & pengajaran thingy) in class.. there will be one or two of them, playing and being so annoying.. as for this taekwondo training, we are quite mean.. kak salma had suggested that for the next training, whoever is not being serious, will be fined with, maybe some push-ups or any other painful exercises. wahaha *evil laugh*

the training was okay, we taught them to do the kicks, stances and other movements in the correct techniques, so hopefully they will be better next time.

they were amazed and quite amused to see master ben's resume.

back to ipba already. see you guys again this tuesday~

master ben with his students.. some of them are already 2nd and 3rd level of black belt, only known as poom, age not qualified yet to be called dan.. but when they're qualified, it will be 2nd or 3rd dan already.. jelesnye~

we reached ipba at 11a.m. i got dressed quickly after cleansing myself, and headed to mid with ruhan and Q. me and ruhan watched inkheart, and we got back to ipba ( again for me) at nearly 5. woah, so damn tired laa~

that's all for now..
need to get to bed.. tomorrow wanna jalan2 some more..daa~


~SyiNs~ said...

hehe...besh nye..

biler ak nk dpt belt
itam nieyh...waaa~

syin2..putih pown
xlpas agi..

fieqa said...

hahahakkk syins~..
sabaq nooo....

*aku pon same weii*..blush**