Friday, June 3, 2011

end of time

all praises to Allah The Creator

i have just finished my final exams
almost at the end of my first year..

who would have thought
almost a year ago
we were different
i was different
you were different

and for most of the time
we were dependent to our family
each and every day
it's them we first talked to
it's them we refer to

being abroad
life's changed
we are being more independent
of deciding our own choice
creating our own space
and from that
i've been learning a lot

from zero
i'm turning into somebody
filling myself with the endless knowledge
that Allah has spread within His creation
that it depends on me
whether to grab it or not

little by little
i'm growing up for sure
but to ensure i'm growing
healthy with His words
i need to be reminded

dear friends
remind me when i forget
warn me if i overdo things
scold me if went astray

what is life if there's no guidance
and what's friendship if there's no friends
to remind each other
to care for one another

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