Wednesday, June 1, 2011

a new phase

salam and hi!

finally i'm twenty one.
a new phase i'm entering to.

at this stage,
at the age of twenty one,
people say that i can be called as an adult.
a mature adult to be precise.
i'm suppose to be mature in deciding
of what's good and what's not

my thinking should no longer only to whine
when i didn't get things the way i want it,
i should be more focus
in creating my future,
my career and life after marriage.

sometimes i wonder,
what have i done in the past
what was my contribution
to myself, my family, my friends
and most importantly
what have i contributed
to my religion?

at this range of age
a wise young boy
had conquered a whole kingdom
a talented young man
has formed his own website
and spreading da'wah
with all his credibility

what have i done ?
through all these years
i've just wasted my precious years
took it so lightly
where i should have grasp
lots of skills and knowledge

if i have taken it seriously, i would have been better
i would be more proactive
i would be more productive
than who i am today

i dare to declare
that i will work harder
that i will try my very best
to understand the knowledge
to be obedient
to the God that i worship
to be fair
to all those near me
and spreading the truth
while i'm still breathing
till my very last breath


p/s: thanks for all the wishes and gifts..
i appreciated those very very much indeed..
i'm sorry for not knowing how to respond to you guys
when you guys came and knocked my door just now....
may Allah bless all of us, insya'allah

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Kembara Syahadah ~NFES~ said...

SANAH hELWAH sis.. ^^ may Allah make ur dreams come true..ameen..