Sunday, June 19, 2011

margate project work

salam and hi!

I think it's been quite some time since my last entry written not in poetic kind of style. well, approximately, I am now counting days to go back to Malaysia for my summer holiday :)
and in the meantime, i still have classes on Mondays and Thursdays afternoon, carrying out some sort of a small project work.

we've been assigned to go and explore an UNFAMILIAR town in Kent. when we get there, we were asked to make a short video clip of that place, either you can put in interviews or just anything to represent that place and as a proof of your small exploration.

we've been to Margate, around half an hour or so from Canterbury and we went to some places (some.. due to heavy rain, we couldn't go more any further with that condition)

the most interesting part of Margate that I discovered is that I have found a REAL mosque there. for your information, it is so hard to find a mosque around Canterbury (there's only a prayer room in CCCU and a small mosque called the Markaz in the UKC) ^^

what's more interesting is that the building of the mosque was a former church (click here for more details). the facilities were superb and comfortable. I managed to meet a Malaysian who is working at Sandwich and she knew where i'm studying at (she mentioned Chirst Church College, the former name for CCCU, which is kinda cool) ^^

so let's stop blabbing and here's the pictures I've taken throughout the trip :P

inside primark, shopping while waiting for the rain to stop ^^

traditionally, this place was one of the most famous places
for the British people during their holidays

the Droit House, where merchants used to pay their toll whenever they sailed to Margate

Tudor House, one of the oldest buildings in Margate

as you can see, it's a clock tower

it feels like as if i'm in Malaysia right now, somehow...

well, that's all for now

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