Monday, June 30, 2014

Divine Speech Nouman Ali Khan Malaysia 2014 Notes - Istifa and Ijtiba

The perfection of Kalamullah & choice of words 
In the Qur'an, there are several words for "choice", 2 of them are:

1. Istifa = Choice that is made on a personal basis with no outside influence. It is purely one's own
choice. We find this word in Surah Al-Hajj 22:75: "Allah CHOOSES [yastafee] Messengers from angels
& from men. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Seer."

Explanation: Allah s.w.t. selected His Messengers purely from His Own choice - we don't get to ask why, we have zero say in this matter. Full stop.

2. Ijtiba = Choice that is based upon QUALIFICATIONS. We find this word in the same surah 22:78: "And
strive hard in Allah's Cause as you ought to strive. He has CHOSEN [ijtibaa] you, and has not laid upon
you in religion any hardship, it is the religion of your father Ibrahim..."

This just reduced me to tears. Does anyone thank, pray, remember Allah as He deserves to be thank,
prayed to or remembered? The job description in this ayat is: Struggle in the path of Allah, like He
DESERVES to be struggled for. It is an impossible job description, which by definition, makes me
unqualified. But Allah s.w.t. says that He CHOSE US! We are Muslims, not because we're born in a
Muslim family or living in a Muslim country. We are Muslims because Allah knows and sees something in
us that makes us qualified! To be a Muslim is an honor from Allah!

So we have to ask ourselves: What is it that Allah has blessed me with? We have to use them for the
sake of Allah.

Credit: Aida Msr

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