Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the hijab

people with the hijab
a sign of obedience
a symbol of piety

but wait
they're not angels
they're just people like us
just like you and me

they do make mistakes
just like other people do
so why do we stereotyped them?
why do we judged them
if they make mistakes?

sometimes i wonder
just because they're in the hijab
they can't commit any wrongdoings?

people always say
the hijab you wear symbolises your attitudes
that is true, nobody will deny
but, to shun people of what they have done wrong
is an unacceptable action

within those hijabs
there may be struggles
the struggles to keep them on
the struggles to practise the deen

these people in the hijab
they want to please their Creator
they want to live up the deen
and to be the best slave for their God

so for you, you, and you
your voice do not matter
as long it's according to His ways
nothing else matters.

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