Monday, November 17, 2008

err...what to say?!


actually..there's too much things came out into my mind right now.. and i'm quite blur2 (like awaiz) on choosing topics for today's post.. well, i hope pics will describe it more meaningful... as there's proverb saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.. huhu..

well, currently a few weeks a go i went to times square, cosmo's world to be exact. went there with most of my f1.2 classmates.. we went there together from ipba by train and reached there almost at 1pm. well, in the cosmo's world, i'd tried almost everything (not everything actually, but most of it).. and the one most thrilled and terrified i've ever ride on was the DNA mixer, which i more prefer to called it as a shaker.. it really shakes my body and soul i dare to tell ya.. and dat damn thing has caused my tudung to be a bit miserable, well.. as u were shaken so strongly.. everything would be miserable ryte?.. i dare to swear not to ride it again next time i go there.. here's the rides i've tried for that outing..

this is the first ride we tried..quite 'gayat' at first but during the 2nd ride(which was the farewell ride), it's quite peaceful.. no harm at all.. yeay

we called it the 360's.. coz it spins 360 degrees.. it's quite enjoyable.. and i nearly slept during the 2nd ride.. coz of the wind... so calm meh..

roller coaster.. i think the one syafiq(our class rep) scared the most.. i wonder why he scared of it the last time he went here.. ruginye xde mase tuh.. nak gak tgk muke dia time tu.. T_T

the most terrified ride.. don't u dare to 'ajak' me to ride this ever again.. painful lar.. it caused me to walk almost abnormally for two days after dat..

this is the one i like the most.. Ooort's-Express.. it spins so quickly and whoever sit at the inner part will be dragged to the other side of the seat.. i think if there's no 'palang', u will definitely being thrown away.. kalo yg kapel tu memang sah2 ley ambik kesempatan.. haish~ masya'allah..

after dat, me, ruhan, ogy, syin and piqa had our dinner at marrybrown's (what de..layan je la) and we reached to ipba around 9.30.. so tired la dat night.. and now let the pics do the talking..

after almost a day playing and forgetting of our assignments

marrybrown?? not so bad for hungry tummies..

well, guess dat's all for a day at times square..
-the end-


fieqa said...

...ahahaaaa~...what a wonderful outing we had...i'm realy enjoyed..hua3~...but what the thing is,i have promised to myself, not to go there 4da second time..ha3~..rely made me fening n nk termuntah...ngeh3~..mmg da termuntah pon...ngeee~..opz..kantoi3~..ahaa!

Haf said...

haih,korg wat reunion kat sane ke?cm kitorg mase mula2 hbs spm jeh,hehe...

QilaRaft said...

tu bkn reunion r kak.. tu ngn klasmet2 baru~
nk wat reu ramai xcuti ler skang nih..