Sunday, November 16, 2008

going for cooking class?


well, holidays have open their doors. n for almost a month and a half i'll stuck in home, doing almost nothing useful (i might study if i have the guts to fight my laziness..if and only if...) ~_~"

tadi mase balik dari hantar adik2 ke rumah sedara di Putrajaya, my mom asked me what to do during this break..and she suggested me to take a cooking lesson with a friend of hers(who was also my babysitter when I was little).. what?! a cooking lesson?? i'd never thought dat idea would come out from my mom.. coz i hate cooking.. i would never been into the kitchen unless my mom forced me to go.. aiyah~

perhaps she wanted her daughter to know at least the basic menus from the kitchen excluding to masak megi, jerang air and bakar roti. well, from the positive side; i think i could save more money on food, and i can cook any dishes i wanted according to my recipes coz' i'm the chef of it. wahaha -.-".... from the negative side, erm.. let's see, my masakan might tasted horrible, or it won't look like a dish.. T_T
just hoping for the best then...

forget about the cookin' class..
fyi, my bro is going to 'masuk jawi' this tuesday.. i beg he'll cry like a little baby on dat day... hahaha(evil laugh X:D).. but the bad news is i'll be his servant after dat until he recovers since my mom is working and no one else can look after him except me.. haish.. where am i going to hide myself then..

hurm.. perhaps u would think y i created this blog even though i'm not interesting to blog..
well, the reasons were bcoz:
  • peer influence: i was influenced from my friends; taty, wendy, n michy2 where i used to read their blogs since long ago.. and the influence get even stronger when i started to read my new friends' blogs from ipba (i'm really new in this place, even though i have already been there for almost 3 months) which were emkay n aliaa..
  • long holidays: thanks to bpg(bahagian pendidikan guru) for letting the students be free and away from lecturers and assignments for quite a long time. then when it's time to get back to ipba, i'll definitely forgotten almost everything.. =.="
  • one way to improve my typing skills and thinking skills: by thinking and thinking what to post in my blog, i'm forcing my brain to come out with well-organised words and ideas.. with that, i'm trying to be more critical thinker(thanks to social study for that)... and yet, by typing a lot perhaps i would increase my typing speed..hehe.. dat's a good thing u know..
well, brain all dried up already. maybe too much thinking would cause me to have uban earlier than supposed.. no way lar.. i'm still young to have those..
haha.. so long then.. bye


Aliaa Ezekiel said...

wah, aku salah satu sbb ko nk wat blog? bangga!bangga! muahaha!
teruskan mengarut cam aku lam blog!

QilaRaft said...

agak r..kot ye pon xyah r nk prasan lebey lak.. haha..