Monday, November 17, 2008

a unique usrah meeting...

well, there's one thing i want to share.. few weeks ago, i had my regular usrah with our naqibah (kak ai n kak ema).. hurm.. we started to called our group as p.o.l.k.a.d.o.t.. weirdo? haha.. dat idea came during a meeting long, long ago, when one of us wore a polkadot pants ( coz dat meeting was held at her house) ever since, we decided to stick with dat name( so cute lar... xde kaitan ngan usrah langsung..haha)

okay, back to the topic, few weeks before holidays, kak ai told me dat we're going for a walk around ipba before we started our usrah.. so we waited for everybody to come at our surau. when everybody was there, we walked along the road at the right side of the ipba's lobby,walking up the hill almost to dr. sufi's house.. then we turned to our left and passed trough the back of the eight-storey tower block and trough some bushes and trees. we stopped for a while while enjoying some kuih that kak ai brought for us.. waalaa..macam picnic la pulak... haha.. then we went down the stairs and had our usrah in front of dkc peacefully without any distractions. best sangat2 sebab terlalu unik to have usrah outdoor, sitting on the road while discussing our topics.. huhu.. i even took some photos during dat day..

us having our usrah..

gone picnic a bit

i felt like having a little jungle trekking up here.. ~_~

a hidden view of ipba from a hidden place of ipba

at the backside of the tower block

well, dats all for now.. jaa~

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fieqa said...

lawo jugak kolej kite ek..ahahaa~...*kuang3*