Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's a carwash day!!

yep.. it was a car washing day.. well, perhaps dat if u owned a car, u really need to know how to take care of it.. not only preventing it from getting any 'scars', but also to bathe them to make them always clean..

ya lar, after driving your car into the mud or any lecak2 ( sungguh tidak profesional pemandu ini..) it's totally messed up with the dirt.. thus to make it squeaky clean as brand new released car, i have to do the job.. it shows my responsibility towards my own car( kononnye la.. padahal dah kene bebel baru nak buat.. duh~) huhu.. actually it's a day where dad washed all his cars ( dua je pon) plus mine ( buat sendiri tau..bangge2 especially this is my first mighty time washing it..yeay)

ape la yang dimengarutkan ni sebenarnye.. huhu..


fieqa said...


i dont know on how to wash car..
coz I dont have my OWN car to wash..

after getting my car n motorcycle's license, I am not given any chance to drive by myself..huhuuhu..
what a 'fortunate' person u are..
maybe my parents dont have the confindence on me..hahaa~..
but for ur information,
I passed the license just only one test taw..hahaha~

astaghfirllah..jgn riak..saje je nk share..hehee~

QilaRaft said...

heh.. nk bangge lak..
cam dia sorg je pas test 2..
ke ko sndr yg takut nk bwk kete nih..
kalo cani, besh lg bwk kete sorong jer..haha

fieqa said...

ak saje je cite..

hahaaa..~..kete sorong ak pon reti bawak la...lesen dy xyah ne test2~..

eit,, ade la gak..
mybe ak kot y takut bawak kete..
baru ku sedar..
aku ni mmg penakut la..
meh aq list..haha :)

takut :
2) drive kete sendiri
3) water confidence n terjun ke laut!..(takut gile ak..huhuuu)..naseb bek cha y baek salu tolong aku time g pangkor..huuuhh~

QilaRaft said...

ko takot mse terjun tuh?
ak terjun ngn gembirenye..
tp xske ble part tertelan air masin..
wekk sakit tekak aku..