Wednesday, November 19, 2008

kmk..always by my side Part 1


I'm okay now.. maybe too much focusing on the screen made me suffered last night.. and maybe it's because i didn't do any outdoor activities since i reached home for this holidays. long ago, i rarely stick inside my home until almost maghrib.. haha for me..

daily routine during holiday: went out and cycled around the neighborhood in the evening, especially targetting to any of my friend's house. but hey, not many are in holidays rite now.. haish~ how on earth i'm going to spend my long holidays by myself.. aiyah.. this would probably the most booorriing holiday ever..

well, because of nothing much to do, i like to open my phone gallery and look back on the pics i've taken ever since i got that phone( i got in from my dad during my time in kolej matrikulasi kedah..LOL)..

yah, talking bout kmk, i left them; my friends, fellow roommates and tutor mates for good since i got the offer for 2nd intake TESL programme. it's been a nice place where i've been currently studying after spm and NS..

kmk is located in Changlun, a few kilometers to Bukit Kayu Hitam. well, my batch is the sixth intake( if i haven't mistaken), after it opened and started to take their students in April 2003.

well, at first i've been selected to further in physical science course( dat's because i got my physics much better than my bio), but then, i refused and made application to switch it with life science( i love biology more rather than physics but hey, it turned upside down when i received my spm results). thank god it was approved.. T_T

talking bout my roommates, well, it's quite surprising when u know u will be spending your days in kmk with your long lost friend from your secondary level. dat happened to me as i found out that my bed-side-mate was hani, a friend of mine when we're in smk banting( well, for only 3 months there before i moved to mrsm pasir salak).. she took physical science. the other roommates? one from pdt programme and take physical science as well, kak hajar, and last but not least, the accounting student, shuhada ( she prefered to be called shO). being roommates with them were great. i'd always argued with hani and also love to make pranks towards her.. best tau.. haha.. kak hajar, she rarely in the room ( loves to hang out in her pdt friend's) n sho, she's quite quiet and love to mumble to herself.. sometimes it's quite creepy when u're alone, and suddenly you heard a voice talking to itself.. ngee.. but i'm used to it..she's a good listener too.. and loves comics like me.. dats the common hobby between us and we used to share our comics together..huhu.. well, our room had once became a comic library when our friends like to hangout here to read comics.. haha lucky them we didn't make profit out of it..
okay, next is about my class. after switching myself in life science course, i got to attend lectures under H2T8 tutor class. dat class was fun, been even 'happening' where we got afiqah mainong, also known as peacock by our classmates. she always a happy-go-lucky girl and often make us to burst into laughters. she's been in the same school with me since our primary school until here in kmk.. wow.. never berpisah meh.. huhu.. i also met a friend of mine from mrsm, nabilah a.rahim.. huhu.. what can i say, this world is small though..

however, i was there for about only two weeks before one of my lecturers realized something.. dat i'm not belonged there.. dat news shocked us all. ya lah.. we've been together for quite a time.. in a sudden, you knew dat you were supposed to be in other class.. what de heck!!

erm.. perhaps dats all for this first part.. i'll continue later.. jaa


Haf said...

haiss,being a matriculation student is sooo exciting mehh...but it's ur fate to cont at ipba.juz enjoy ur life lorh...

fieqa said...


i know the biology spm story..hehe~
but qilah..dunt turn back..
keep up in tesl ya!..
i support you...yuhhhuuuu!!

erkss..suddenly recall my time at matrix melaka...huhuu..miss them all..
I left my JPP members there..huhuu
but, in matrix, it had tought me on many things..
tought me to become a srong person facing a challenge life..
where I have really to be smart enough in dividing my time for study and also commitment in jpp..
but, alhamdulillah...
before we got the offer from ipba, we had sat for ups exam rite..
my result is ok la even though I feel that I had a very packed life with the jpp's works..hehe

QilaRaft said...

jpp upenye ko yek..
nsb bek bkn pacat yg undi ko mase election tu..
kalo x.. hahaha...
kompem ko xnk jd tros..

fieqa said...


pacat lak muncul tibe2..
konfem ak dah x konfiden time nak bg manifesto..
eii, klaka lak ..
x caye lak ak ley ckp kat depan public
y around 1000 org kat c2..huhuu..
practise2~..ntok jd ckgu..ahahaaa..

btw, eh korg y dtg ipba awl sket dr aku, korg dapat tw result ups x..
ak dpt la, coz aq dtg lmbt sket,
siap surat sampai rumah tw..
cam cha (1.1), dy same mtrx ngn aku,
then, dy x dpt thu pointer dy ntok ups..coz myb kmntrian dah potong name dy trus..huhuuu~

QilaRaft said...

xtau sgt la..
tp aku smpt je korek2 markah ups sblm kua aritu.. n mase result kua tu pon.. aku kol lecturer ak.. huhu..
so dpt tau gred r..
pointr kre sndr r.. huhu
yg plg best skali bi r..
dlm klas ak ade 4 org je dpt a..
ak sorg je bdk melayu.. lgi 3 chinese..
bangge2.. wahaha

fieqa said...


uikk~..gred bi ak ntok ups agak la X OK..k.o!...huhuuu~..
ntah..plek gak..haha..
myb jwb byk careless kot n nerves sgt time wat essay dy ..hahaa

QilaRaft said...

tu mmg pncapaian ak yg plg bgs r..
dr dlu smpi skang xpnh dpt a bi..
kre ni 2nd time dpt after spm.. huhu