Wednesday, August 25, 2010

counting days

salam and hi~

19 days ahead..... left for me to spend before the departure.. oh my, i'd never thought it'd been this quick... the last time i counted, it was..... 29 days.. surely i'll treasure every second i spent here wisely.

yesterday, i was with the b.ed french students.. mamabear, ifa, pija, wani and the rest of them... it was quite funny to think back when we had to cramp all 7 of us in the saga... they went to RHB bank to cash their cheque, while me, i went with them for a while and later to MPH to find some books.. and there, i met mira gaya~ she was supposedly to meet qis and the rest, but since she got something else, it never happened. instead, she met me! subhanallah~ hikmah gi mid ke ni??? hehe

then, me and mamabear went to UT to fulfill our stocks... and later we're back in ipba. had snoozed for a while and after rejuvenate my energy (syioknye lepas tido), i had to go back.... it was quite sad... for not being able to meet pija and ifa as they had to go to other place after midvalley... hm... till we meet again yeh~

okay, that's with the french course, now, lets move on to the next so-called last reunion, with the germans's of my batch and the juniors...

i went to kg baru to break my first fasting day together with wawa, ana, nisa and some few others.. we went there quite late since there was a huge traffic jam that hindered them to come early from their faculty... as soon as we saw the steakhouse, it was then the azan, indication that we can now eat... after breaking fast and solat, wawa suggested that we hangout fo a while at klcc since we haven't met for almost a year.. and so there we went! chit chatting.... and camwhoring a lot ( and i soon discovered a new function of my camera!)...LOL~

we went back and i reached ipba at 10.45 pm... hoho... it was fun indeed..

so, with the juniors, i spent time with them one whole night the day before i went to the briefing and lepak2 with the b.ed french's.. with adenin and izzati.. they're my pals from the basketball gang~ as usual, we planned to break fast at kg baru... but since we went lost ( never been there by car), we reached there at 7pm.. unfortunately, the steakhouse was fully occupied! sedih2... so we went to bazaar first and later performed maghrib ... we had our dinner in ipba and watched 'drumline'.. huuu.. sad story la pulak.. but we enjoyed it...

enough with that, let me continued with the pre-departure briefing.. we had it this recent monday at presint 9, together with all TESLians from other IPGs and PPC students..we have collected our lounge suit... yippie~

i met all my TESL friends, mira, qis, fara wahida, piah, talei and some others too... surprisingly, many seniors i knew from WOW also came ( memang WOW la akak2 ni).. and last but not least, i finally met kak ummu atikah~~~ wah, lama kita plan xjadi2 nak jumpa, alhamdulillah sampai gak hajat!
and because of that too, me and fieqa were almost left out by the bus driver... pakcik bas... pakcik bas... sabar je la.. huuu

so, piece of this and piece of that, cukup la tu ea... huhu...

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