Saturday, August 7, 2010

turning point?

life's a hypocrite
and so do i
i portray the lies
but not the truth that lies

if you see me nice
try to think it twice
but all i do is try
for myself not to cry
during the end of life

i try to know Allah
deep, deep and deeper
the more i learned
the more i realised
that i should have taken
the path i've left aside

ilmu dan amal,teori dan praktikal...


atikullah ismail™ said...

ilmu kena ada amal..ilmu tnpa amal mcm pokok xder buah..

btw, very nice poem =)

QilaRaft said...

tq~ ilmu tanpa amal, sama la mcm teori tanpa praktikal... xamal, jadi xingat, xingat, maka lupe...