Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lessons of life

salam and hi

Being a liaison officer for the ASEAN Schools Games has taught me several important lessons of life. Besides the achievement that makes event a success, I found myself to become more close to the Creator of the Universe, throughout the whole process. I am more dependent to Allah in most of the time. Frankly speaking, I’d never thought that this is also a good platform for me to enhance my role as a muslim, within the time constrain as well as the workload.

The first two days at UKM were quite dull and boring. This is because at that time, we don’t have anything to do except to wait until our assigned team departed at the airport, which gives the meaning the beginning of the tremendously tiring work as a LO. On the first day itself, we only had a briefing on our part and according our event. I was assigned the Philippines team for athletics. After the briefing we were given our room at keris mas college. The next day was also boring because my team will only arrived as early as 12.30 midnight. So since then, all we did was wondering and waiting and waiting till we dropped! Finally, there was transportation to keris mas. However, due to limitation of seats, not all can go back as early as they can. I prayed to Him to ease everything I do, to smooth all my activities without any circumstances. And know what? As I entered the bus which was already packed, I found myself the only two-seats empty at the back for me and my 2 other friends. Thank you Allah for making my wish comes true.

The night came and only female LOs were assigned to receive a number of Philippines. Their reason for not having any male LOs is because, we girls stay at Keris Mas where all the athletes will stay as well ( boys and girls)… but hey, that’s truly unfair because we female LOs can only accommodate the female athletes in their respective rooms, not the boys.. they arrived at lcct around 1am and we reached keris mas at 2 something. Alhamdulillah once again to Allah for letting them to be acceptance with their accommodation. For other teams, some were too fussy and demanded for many things that is not allocated in the hostels, for example, hot water, air-conditioner, towels and many more. But Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly and thus helped to gain some rest before the sun rises the next day. Well, only for few hours though.

The next day, everything went okay except for 1 most important thing. Most of the LOs and other officers, had not performed the subuh prayer(I’m pretty sure of it) because at 5.30am, all have gathered into the respective buses and waited for all the buses to gathered at dataran gemilang(if I haven’t mistaken the name) and straight to cheras stadium for the opening ceremony.. We reached there at almost 8, 8 something where the sun has already shown its shine. I pitied the athletes whereby they had to stay outside for several time as to wait for the VIP’s arrival. For me, it is quite not appropriate.

To be continued…. Insya’allah

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