Wednesday, August 25, 2010


people come
people go
but friends
always come
but less are gone

gone doesn't mean they're left
sometimes too busy
thus lack of time
even to say 'hello'
but deep down
i hope we're still registered
in each other's heart

don't forget our times
that we shared together
the happy moments
the laughter
the tears
the fights
the 'serabut'ness
and all that makes us a person

we learned patience
we learned to appreciate
and we learned to love

days will pass by
although we're may not longer in sight
but inside i hope it still resides!
the whole lot of you
are meant a lot for me!

no bluffing
just the moment of truth
that makes me gonna miss you more


~ fifie ~ said...

oh! sy suka~ :)

QilaRaft said...

bgs la anda suke... ak da stat tacing2 da nie... :(

star said...

realistic poem
great words
real feelings

QilaRaft said...

there's a lot more to improve..
thanks for visiting